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Nada que ver

un podcast de Netflix

During 2021-2022 I worked as the director of the visual side of the podcast 'Nada que ver. Un podcast de Netflix' (Renamed 'Continuar Viendo in 2023) during in work in Long Summer Days.

We would create weekly assets for the podcast including a personalized cover for each episode, Instagram Stories, Reels, Audiograms (Instagram feed posts in which fragments of the podcast were animated), and Tik Toks. As well as working on special video episodes where would create different elements to decorate it.

Part of my work in ´Nada que ver´ included defining an specific style for the week´s episode, contribute with the graphics and the animated elements, and occasionally edit the social media posts.

The 'Nada que ver' team includes:


Art Direction: Orestes Mora, Karina Lizeth
Design and Illustration: Karen Mercado, Sandra Morales, Yelitza Gaytán, Bitasi Santos, Daviher Loredo

Motion Direction: Karina Lizeth

2D Animation: Karina Lizeth, Aldair González, Daniel Franco, Lizeth Cruz, Luis Nieves, Gustavo Grados

Client: Netflix LATAM

Location: México
Studio: Long Summer Days

As a result of the work for the podcast, a collection of animated stickers was developed.