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La Reina Charlotte

Todo lo que debes saber

For the release of 'Queen Charlotte' at Long Summer Days we made a video talking about the story or the real Queen Charlotte.

This video includes animated elements using a collage style to embelish the product and draw attention to the important parts of the story. 

My role here consisted in producing the majority of said animations, as well as collaborating with the  Director to define the style of the video. It was produced in a week. 

Script and narrator: Valeria Estrada

Art Direction: Orestes Mora

Art and Design: Michelle Gill, Ashby

Animation Direction: Luis Nieves

Animation: Karina Lizeth, Luis Nieves, Aldair González

Edit: Karina Lizeth

Sound Design: Alberto Justiniani 

SofTware Used

  • Adobe After Effects

  • Adobe Photoshop

  • Adobe Premiere

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